Swinging Rameau

Recognized harmonist, Jean-Philippe Rameau is also a colourist and a melodist of genius. The inventiveness of its topics and the natural swing of the baroque phrase are the meeting point of Denis Colin, hyper creative jazzman, and Franck-Emmanuel Count, baroque musician explorer of new sonorities. Their coloured and atypical musical universes mix happily. During the Concert de l’Hostel Dieu, it became clear that Denis Colin bass clarinet velouté and swing was a perfect match for the baroque instruments and counterpoint. This sound marriage is underlined by Henri Charles Caget’s digital percussions. Rameau stands out rejuvenated and revitalized from this unprecedented and tousling encounter! 



  • Denis Colin | Bass clarinet
  • Patrick Rudant| Flutes
  • Reynier Guerrero| Violin
  • Salvator Straropoli | Double bass
  • Nicolas Muzy | Théorbo and guitar
  • Henry-Charles Caget | Percussions
  • Franck-Emmanuel Comte | Organ and harpsichord 


Swinging Rameau is a production of the Concerts de l’Hostel Dieu.