Quiet Men

Colin | Cueco | Drappier | Omé

© Milomir Kovasevic

Take time for playing and dreaming … At the beginning, there’s an intuition, a feeling that it may work…

Particular orchestration, obvious friendships, memories of exemplary collaborations, rare inter-generational sharing, greedy curiosity, irredeemable optimisms…

Notes, ideas or visions barely twisted on the bench of repetition, the magic operates already… Our tiny cathedrals are moving.

One can notice that energy flows, that relays function, that ears and hearts open to themselves, to others and to the world, that concerns for some are obsessions for others, that some ideas are perfectly shared and others arouse curiosity and interest…

”Alert Otherness and Share Panache” could be our motto. Work is always ”in process” – this is also that which we defend: hand-to-hand encounter with music and audience.

Weird musicians, rare gatherings, rebellious instruments, collective work, plural strategies, common thoughts…  Collegiality allows things impossible when retreated in solitude.


‘’Diamond of off-beats, or even poker of souls,

Ace of heart, of laugh, of goblet and tears…

Colours tangle and figures blend,

Black, red, yellow and blue kings will travel around the world.

The game has started, the wine flows freely,

The play has its mysteries, so the night…”

Juan de la Rocca

  • Denis Colin | Bass Clarinet
  • Pablo Cueco | Zarb
  • Simon Drappier | Arpeggione
  • Julien Omé | Guitar