Humanity has always been migrating, from the very beginning. Happy or unhappy. How to be welcoming or be welcomed? 

Beyond their necessary survival, you’ll find in people who leave a quest for a better living, a force that carries them, a glance turned towards a place that seems to them capable of answering their aspirations. What do they really know about those who live in the places they look towards? And what if in our turn we were thrown into exile, bound or voluntary? Where to go?

I collect information: I read journals of famous travellers, I read poems; I listen to the musics of the countries they wrote about, I make them mine; I let emerge emotions triggered by these sounds and these stories, and let them sound in me. 

DEPARTING is a concert. There, I wish to explore and offer an echo very personal to various “musics of the world”. I use quotation marks because my sensitivity understands that any music is music of the world. Some selected texts will be said with a musical accompaniment, and sometimes will be sung. The text/music link will be in the centre of our realization, each art sublimating the other. 


Concert of April 25 in Salmanazar at Epernay | © Jérôme Cany
  • Denis Colin | Design, musical composition, bass clarinet, voice 
  • Marie Desgranges | Narrator 
  • Julien Omé | Guitar
  • Christophe Saunière | Harp
  • Gaspard Colin | Electric Bass
  • François Verly | Percussion