Le Cabaret de l’Ailleurs

Estelle Meyer – the warmness of a voice, a voyage between softness and cheekiness, a song. A theatre play, a stage presence, an appropriation and an incarnated restitution of each word of the poet.

Claude Tchamitchian – a total investment in the sound production, a demand and generosity in the same gesture, an amazement of the listener always renewed, the premonition of an extraordinary moment, undreamed of… and yet! It does, it happens.

Denis Colin – a caress, a growl, a reserve, a let go, a trumpeting, an attention and presence to emergence. It is scary, anything can happen! It is comforting, anything can happen…

The amazing and weird association of these three singularities is the Cabaret de l’Ailleurs, a blend of three music writing styles united in singing and reciting the infinite richness of the French-speaking poetry.


  • Denis Colin | Bass clarinett
  • Estelle Meyer | Singing
  • Claude Tchamitchian| Double bass