Duet Colin / Zekri

Concert Perpignan Jazzebre 13 October 2016

“It is often said that my music makes people travel, whatever the musical contexts in which it is spread. 

With Camel, it is even more the case! 

Our music is reassuring, because it is anchored, and this anchoring allows us all freedoms. 

Anchored to what? To us. Well secured! 

To Camel, well anchored to his passions – to all musics of the Sahel and further on, and to his experimenter curiosity; to me, to jazz and various forms of melody improvisation; and to both of us, to the qualitative identity of the sound – a true common passion, for sure! – and also, to rhythm, to pulse, solid and light.” Denis Colin 

Denis Colin | Bass clarinet
Camel Zekri | Guitar